About me

About Me

Firstly I would like to welcome you to Amelia Grace Interiors, my online shop which has been lovingly created by myself after much growth on my Facebook page with support and love from family and friends.

Let me introduce myself... My name is Annette, and this for me is something totally different to anything I have ever done.

Over the years I have enjoyed working as a nurse for older people, till childcare became a massive juggling act with our two children, I then decided to give up the career I loved and come to work in our bathroom showroom part time.  Fast forward a few years and this became full time working six days a week!  As you can imagine we have a fair few settings I needed to dress and found myself spending a fortune with high street retailers and then directing people to their shops off the back of my dressing.  I decided to look into suppliers I could use to also retail within our showroom.  However,  my daughters love for unicorns led me along a different path and using a Facebook group I had to see if any of my friends would like what I had found but didn’t quite fit within our bathroom showroom.  It took off in a way I never imagined, with people adding their friends and family as they loved my items and prices so much.   And so Select Interiors began around September 2017.  With absolutely no professional experience in sales, home decor, online selling or creating any kind of website before I'd undoubtledly set myself some huge tasks! Over Christmas is December 2018 I made a decision to rebrand from Select Interiors to Amelia Grace Interiors.  I felt it was important to incorporate my daughter due to the amount of help she had given me with the pop up shops, packaging and unwrapping.  If a rebrand wasn’t enough we also made an exciting decision to develop our own brand of home fragrance!

In April 2021 We made a big brave and bold decision to re-brand our bathroom showroom to Luxo Living Ltd, allowing us to expand as we offer more than just bathrooms.  This has enabled me to display and now retail even more of our beautiful products within our showroom with dedicated display areas.  You will find exclusive products that are not on my website and are in store only (mainly due to the difficulty in packaging them for safe transit with couriers).  You can also purchase on my website and select in store collection to save on postage.  If you are local to the Bolton area please pop by and say hello.

Every day on this journey I'm learning and growing.. Within myself and with my little shop and hopefully my ability to find some great products for you all.

Thank-you for taking the time to visit, for supporting me and I hope you've enjoyed taking a look around.

​Annette x